What is the first thing that hits our brains when we hear the word “EXAMS”?

Apparently tension, anxiety, stress and other lethargic words cross our mind.We all had been through this situation plathora of times in our life,but how many times did we really felt happiness while thinking about tests and writing exams? No matter how smart a student is everybody needs a little incentive to do good in academics.So,here are some not so arduous tips and tricks that u can adhere to and follow, to revive what u have been studying through out the year.

If you are an Indian, you are born to receive 50 percent of the stress coming from parents…Hahaha,but that’s not funny! parental pressure to do well in tests can really freak you out sometimes and escalates anxiety problems. so,guys out there need to ignore this thing in order to surmount your stress .Don’t presume exams to be the “End Of Your Existence”,they aren’t that horrible. Moreover,stress can be the main impediment in exams preparation.

Following points can help you curb stress.

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Eat well and on time
  3. Do morning exercise
  4. Take frequent breaks
  5. Take a nap if you feel sleepy

Do not eat too much or else u might end up snuggling in bed instead of studying. Once u have managed problems pertaining to stress, next step is to remind yourself about the goals that made you select this course,this gives u a stimulus to stay focused.

Commence your preparation by making a feasible schedule that suits you and not the one made by others because everyone is peculiar when it comes to exam preparation.Ponder upon the areas of the subject that requires more attention and deal with them in the beginning itself.

The words Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action written on sticky colored paper over cork board

Even if one has a proper goal and guidance….they might not be able to achieve it without self-discipline.It is the most predominant reason for ones success.According to Cambridge dictionary self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do thing u know u should do even when you do not want to.

Follow the timetable as much as you can and don’t despair yourself if u have not achieved your daily targets..because no one is perfect in this world.

If u feel like u have stuck up with something in exam,don’t stagnate because there is always a contingency plan and that is to write whatever you have imbibed while listening to the lectures in class. As the saying goes

If u can’t fly then run,

If u can’t run then walk,

If u can’t walk then crawl,

But whatever u do u have to keep moving…(Martin Luther King Jr) �Y�BQ

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