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This edition of excel dentistry has last year's question papers with their answers. As we know many students of 1st year BDS will be in a dilemma from where to start and where to end, What to write and how much to write these are the common difficulties faced by 1st year BDS students.

To overcome this we have made our concise material containing specific information pertaining to your examinations. Also, it has the most recent question papers which are highly expected in upcoming exams. In the material, we have highlighted the important points to be covered while attempting the answers, so that you can score the maximum marks.

Now unlock your maximum potential with our one-solution-to-all-your-problems book. EXCEL DENTISTRY

What makes Excel Dentistry a different book from all the other books in the market?

In the year 2020, we started a program in our Whatsapp group where we had solved all 10 years question papers. And I have observed that many of the question papers are being repeated so without any further delay, we immediately took an opportunity to solve all the 10 years+ question papers with its answer and compiling into one book which provide the information which is appropriate and necessary for the students during their preparation for examinations.

Dr. Ahmed Khadri a resident of Hyderabad did his bachelor's from S.Nijalingappa institute of dental sciences in Gulbarga, after that Dr. Ahmed is pursuing his postgraduation in the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and also he is also a Gold Medalist in the Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology. A special focus has been given to Dental Anatomy & Dental Histology as Dr. Ahmed Khadri is pursuing his postgraduation in that department itself.


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